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Translation Of Documents

Taiwan Trans provide high-quality and efficient translation services for documents of all source. Our translation is proficient, diverse and efficient. We also offer notarization services and internationalization of information for the digital products to be found in the modern society.

• Translation Of Documents


The characteristics of the translation done by Taiwan Trans 

A. Proficiency
In general cognition, people think that whoever can speak more than two kinds of languages are qualified enough to become a translator. In fact, an excellent translator should be not only proficient in his or her mother language and at least another foreign language, but also possess the extensive knowledge of professional fields. That is why Taiwan Trans recruits a large number of translation specialists from various fields to form the strongest professional translation team in Taiwan. We adhere to the three principles "Faithfulness, Expressiveness and Elegance", and assign cases to the translator who is skilled in the relevant professional field according to the nature of documents our clients entrusted us with. Moreover, we make sure every piece of the translated work is to be reviewed carefully and conduct efficient communication with clients in order to quality translation quality to best cater to our clients' requirement.

B. Diversity:
Whether it is patents, contracts, any kinds of certificate, popular publications, product manuals, latest news, academic researches, science and technology news or electronic semiconductor or other documents of the different professional fields, Taiwan Trans can provide you with the most appropriate translation services regardless of the kind of content. Even if it is the most abstruse and unfamiliar professional terminology, we are more than capable for the translation task.
If you need to deliver in digital files, we can also work with document processing softwares, such as Word, Excel, FrontPage, Access, Acrobat and design software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc. We can provide you with professional quality and the best services with the principles "Faithfulness, Expressiveness and Elegance".

C. Efficiency
In addition to comprehensive professional services, efficiency is yet another important factor to consider when making a choice between the translators available on the market, especially in this “time is money” era. We provide a “one-stop-service” including receipt of case, quotation, content viewing, case assignment, case reviewing by specialized translator, refinement and final delivery. Taiwan Trans will make sure the case is to be quickly delivered to you before the agreed time. We take the efficiency and quality of our services into account and is a reliable translation partner worthy of your trust.

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